We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the REBUILD Northwest Florida hurricane mitigation program. Now that you have completed the process and can enjoy a greater peace of mind during our next storm, please don’t delay in getting your wind mitigation inspection scheduled so that you can begin enjoying the financial benefits as well. As you may already know, based on the average insurance savings that this program affords its participants, you may recoup your entire 25% payment within two (2) years. After your return on investment is realized, the annual savings are yours to do with as you wish… a pretty great deal no matter how you look at it.

We are always looking for opportunities to spread the word about this great program and help others in their efforts to better protect their homes. Please refer your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues or have them give us a call at (850) 444-1700. Additionally, please share your feedback so we know how we are doing and how we can do better in the future. Your input is invaluable to us, and through it, we will constantly attempt to improve our business to better serve our customers.

Thank you again for your business. We hope that you’ll keep us in mind the next time you decide to make additional improvements to your home.

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