Galvanized steel panel shutters are the standard shutter product used by the REBUILD program for windows. Panel shutters are typically fastened only during storm activity and must be stored when not in use. When not deployed, the architectural impact is limited to only the fasteners. Panels can be mounted either horizontally or vertically with fasteners drilled directly into the exterior, or attached with one of several metal track options. The appropriate method will be determined by our professional shutter crew assigned to your project. Please be aware that these methods may be limited by the construction of your home.

Each panel is custom cut for the openings on your home. Labels and a mounting diagram will be provided to you at the conclusion of your project. It is important for you to test your shutters to ensure that you are familiar with their installation.

Decorative shutters, burglar bars, awnings, and window air conditioner units may need to be removed before the installation of hurricane shutters can be completed. Due care will be taken to remove and reinstall these items. However, if they cannot be reinstalled due to their condition or their negative impact on the effectiveness of the hurricane shutter system Neither REBUILD nor R.E. Reece Construction can be held responsible for providing replacements or modifying them for reinstallation.

The shutter fastener installation normally takes about one day. After the shutters are installed, they will be inspected by the building department. We will leave the shutter panels stacked in a storage location identified by the homeowner. Hurricane shutters are designed to keep your house safe only during a hurricane, they must be stored when not in use. They block your fire escape routes (windows and doors) and create a fire hazard.

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