Installing hurricane clips normally takes about one day. This typically requires removal of the soffit material to expose the roof-to-wall connections. The soffit will remain down until an inspection is completed by the building department from the city or county (typically one or two days).

Once the inspection is complete, we will return to your home to re-install the soffit material. Since we take care with the removal of wood soffits, we can often re-use the material that was removed. If for some reason it cannot be re-used, it will be replaced with pressure treated wood. Whichever the case, the installed wood will be caulked and paint-ready, but not painted as part of the program.*

In rare instances, edges of the metal fasteners are left exposed when re-installing the original wood. In this case, it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to provide cosmetic trim to cover the exposed areas.*

Some roof-to-wall connections are exposed and will not require any wood removal. Other homes may require removal of frieze boards to expose the area.

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